Thalassophile: One who loves the Sea.​


I love the ocean, great food ,cocktails, and great service.
I enjoy my time with old friends and the new ones I  meet along the way.
Island time is the best time!


                              Hi, I'm Barbie, thalassophile  and self proclaimed sun goddess.

                                    I help others that find their joy in the sun and sea ,

                                    escape to spectacular beach destinations in VIP style,
                     to celebrate fun, romance, friendships, or just the moon over Mexico.


            I started Lovell Luxury Travel because I believe today's modern adults want more

       than to  pick  a  spot and go, but crave the experience of choosing the right destination

                     and the right  accommodations to match their individual travel style or occasion. 


--                    You deserve a life full of love, laughter, and memories,

                                           because at the end of your book,

                                  that is all that you have, and all that you will leave.


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Barbie Lovell 
Certified Leisure Travel Specialist