When we first booked this trip with Barbie in January, 2020, who knew all the trouble that was coming our way! Of course, our trip was cancelled, due to the Pandemic. We opted to take the credit which was offered by the all inclusive where we were staying. There's where the trouble began. Thank goodness for Barbie's persistence and professionalism! It took her months and months of calling and staying on the phone for hours at a time to get our credit straightened out, but she did. We were finally able to go on our trip in December, 2020. It was awesome! In the beginning, she asked us a few questions about what kind of activities we liked and she was spot on with the hotel and location she booked for us. We had a perfect room, ocean view with a balcony. We will be loyal customers forever. Barbie has a knack for knowing what "fits" our style.

William L.  Montgomery, Tx.

So very organized (even during pandemic). Such an awesome trip. Thank you so much for everything.

Kim G. Houston, Tx

Awesome experience! Barbie is professional, knowledgeable, and witty. She makes planning a vacation even more fun than it already is. I will definitely call Barbie next time I plan a trip. She gets to know "the person" so she can help you plan the ideal trip just for you.

Catherine L. Montgomery, Tx.